My lowest low. 

So I started this blog to make posts and keep me in check at being healthy, exercising and more motivated. Along with some food posts I still haven’t done yet!

To keep me in check I have to be completely honest with myself. 

I knew weight had crept back on and I hadn’t been working out much nor eating the best but I just didn’t realize how bad it was. 

I recently had a body scan done last week and was that a wake up call or what. 

This time last year I was roughly 60kg give or take a kilo my body fat was nearing 18% and I felt the best I ever had. 

Unfortunately due to some injuries and becoming lazy and complacent I now weigh 75kgs with 44% body fat. 

I can’t even begin to explain how I felt when I got those results, I’d prepared for them to be bad but honesty not that bad. 

I had myself a good cry, felt pitty, anger and disgust. 

I’ve also learnt my body is in starvation mode after tracking my food intake on my fitness pal where my resting metabolic rate is just over 1200 calories and I was lucky to be eating 900 in a day which is certainly not helping in my weight loss. 

I’m now trying to increase my calorie intake which I’m finding harder then I thought but I’m getting there. I’m eating Whole Foods only no processed food (unless I forget my lunch for work then it’s a subway veggie patty salad bowl). 

I’ve also gotten back into exercise I’ve just been doing this at home and using the T25 workouts which I do like, it’s hard work during it but it only goes for 25 minutes. 

Unfortunately I’ve learnt tonight though that my hand has certainly not healed after doing 3 push-ups I had to stop. My hands now swollen with bruising coming back through so I’m finally going to the doctors to have it looked at on the weekend so I can get back into it full swing. 

During my exercise anytime it was floor exercises on hands I subbed it for squats or high knees. Not going to lie wasn’t too sad I couldn’t do burpees or slow mountain climbers!! 

Fingers crossed I can get my hand sorted and back into it full speed ahead. 

I’m getting another body scan done in 8 weeks and I need it to show progress.

I’m thinking I might continue with the body scans every few months because it shows progress and all the numbers are there to see I can’t pretend it isn’t there when I’m reading the paper. 


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