Trying something different 

The last few weeks I’ve had some odd food cravings, well odd for me anyway. Eggs. 

While that probably doesn’t sound very strange, I haven’t eaten eggs in years. It’s a food that never affected my body badly health wise I just found them gross and ate them rarely as I wasn’t a fan. 

So after a few weeks of feeling like I wanted nothing more then egg on toast (not pregnant!) I decided to cook some up as we had some in the house (everyone else in my house eats eggs, dairy etc).

Once they started cooking I started to get unsure but I plated them cooked up some mushroom, tomato and shallots with avocado and pepper. 

Had one bite and almost was sick. The taste and texture was horrible. 

I’ve been vegan for over 2 years and this is the first time since I’ve ever waivered and eaten something from an animal. 

I’m glad I tried it because it’s re-affirmed there is no going back I could never eat them again as I’m writing this I’m sitting outside patting my dog and feeling ill. 

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think the egg is actually making me feel sick but it’s rather mind over matter. 

I read all the time about vegans going back to eating meat and dairy which hey it’s everyone’s own choice at the end of the day but for me it’s certainly not an option. 

I wouldn’t ever eat dairy or meat the smell of it and look of it to me is not pleasant and I have 0 interest in it. 

At least I can say now I had the urge to eat something, I tried too after 1 bite couldn’t and am back on the path of healthy eating. 


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