Returning Home

So I’ve been home for a few days now and have the post holiday blues. I miss the warmth, the people, the culture and the food in Bali.

We had a decent flight home, hardly any turbulence and a good tailwind so we actually arrived early even though our flight was delayed!

I’ve learnt food on planes is horrible, couldn’t eat anything except the free bag of nuts, luckily I thought ahead and brought plenty of cliff bars for the journey and the free alcohol on the plane helped.

I didn’t eat on the plane ride home I think a mixture of drinking all day and eating a massive meal before going to the airport mixed in with my fear of airplanes I wasn’t able to speak without fear of being sick let alone eat anything.

Since being back I haven’t really done anything except washing 17 days worth of 3 peoples washing which is not fun nor was grocery shopping.

I haven’t really left the house. My dog and cat didn’t handle us being away well and have been very sooky and craving affection. Whenever I have left the house since they have been anxious and whimpered so I’ve been spending as much time with them as possible.

As I write this the dog and cat are both curled up asleep on me.

I haven’t gotten back into exercise as yet for 2 reasons 1 jetlag is a bitch and secondly I injured my hand a few weeks ago now and I’m still having issues with it and can’t grip properly or put too much pressure/weight on it (probably should have listened to everyone and saw a doctor to get it looked at) too late now.

I’m thinking next week to get back into everything. I go back to work on Monday (not looking forward to this) so why not also start exercising again Monday as well!

I’ve got my goals set and ready. I want to get back to where I was before I wont be measuring my weight on scales but how my clothes fit and my body fat percentage my goal is 18% body fat by Christmas. I’ll also be taking before and after photos as well.

Until then I’m currently looking up some new healthy recipes that I can make for lunches and dinners as no more junk food. Although I ate pretty healthy I’ve actually lost weight whilst being away YAY!

I think the alcohol would have been the worst thing I consumed not the food as I ate a lot of vegetables, fruit and traditional meals whilst away and now it’s time to continue on the healthy eating here!!

I’ll start posting some food photos once I get back into cooking and meal prepping. I’m kicking myself for not taking food pictures in Bali it was all so amazing.

Let’s do this!!!


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