My vacation so far…

We are now on day 9 of our holiday (well night 9) another 5 nights to go. I wish time went slower. 

Time seems to pass so quickly whilst being away. 

Our first night we didn’t do much other then have dinner and a few drinks, the next day we spent some time exploring near where we are staying, there’s a little bar called the rainbow cafe which serves the best spring rolls I’ve ever eaten!! 

That night got a little messy as we decided to drink every cocktail on the menu, then when we ran out of cocktails to try they started making some not on the menu for us, they were so fantastic any creamy or milky cocktail they made for me using coconut milk or cream. 

Amazingly though no hangovers so far considering some mornings we have started drinking at 9am.

We went to the waterbom park that was a lot of fun, especially given the temperature. 

We’ve spent days exploring, visiting temples that have wild monkeys in them that was an experience considering I don’t overly like monkeys and one decided to jump on my head. 

I fell in love with Ubud, it’s so beautiful there. A lot more cultural with rice fields, statues, temples it still has the same stands with people selling things in them but also a lot of metal work, wood work and glass. We ate at the most beautiful restuarant I wish I took photos but my phone was almost flat with one of the best traditional Balanise meals I’ve ever eaten. 

We also went to a silver factory to see how they hand make the jewelry, an art gallery where we spoke to the artists and saw artwork that is priceless but we weren’t allowed to take photos. We saw how stonework is made (by hand) and so much more!

We went to Jimbaren for dinner, not going to lie eating vegan was not easy there I had a plate of French fries so grateful of the man selling fire roasted corn on the beach with the traditional chilli Sauce on them!!!! But the View was amazing and worth it to just sit there and look at. 

Today we did a lot of shopping and walking, it rained this morning when we left so I didn’t bother with sunscreen. I’m rather white I do tan well once I have a base tan but I certainly didn’t have that. I’m pretty happy given the heat today and spending hours walking in the sun with no sunscreen I’m hardly burnt at all. 

We also had amazing massages today which I will be having a few more before coming home. 

Tonight we went to Bubba Gumps for dinner which was as good as I remember from last time we were here. I’m kicking myself for not taking a photo of the onion rings I had. The staff were so amazing as soon as I said vegan they could tell me what ingredients had egg or cheese in them so I didn’t have any surprises. It was such a good dinner we are all so full I don’t feel like I could ever eat a meal again!

Our time is going so fast. Tomorrow night we are off to the safari park which I’ve been to before but everyone else hasn’t so that will be an experience for them. 

After tomorrow it will be lazing around the resort for us and relaxing as everyday has been very full on but so much fun. I’m so not ready to go home. 


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