Vacation Time!

So I haven’t posted anything in a little bit, mainly because I’m currently away on  holiday and it’s been an amazing first few days.

We are in Bali, this is my second time here and I love it. There’s so much to love about Bali and I would recommend everyone comes here to experience it for themselves.

The people are some of the nicest most genuine people you will ever meet in your life, they don’t have much but are so grateful for what they do have. The food is delishous as well and it has something for everyone from pizza, burgers, Indian, Chinese, Balinese there’s so much variety.

I was a little worried food wise for myself but I haven’t found a place I couldn’t eat at yet and most places you go as soon as you say vegan they know exactly what it means (better then in Australia).

The beach is amazing we spent some time sitting on the beach drinking with the locals just talking to them. We’ve been walking around kuta/legian meeting people and shopping.

We ate at the best Italian restuarant I’ve ever eaten in. I Wish I took a photo of the food but I was so hungry I basically inhaled it but I’ve never had such nice pasta and bruschetta ever, I’m sure I will eat there again before leaving.

All in all it is a beautiful place full of beautiful people. The weather is amazing it’s so warm, nice to just relax around the pool.

We also visited the memorial, we’ve seen it a lot as where we are staying we walk past it daily. We have stopped and paid our respects to everyone that lost their life and it’s heartbreaking reading the names of all of the people that died there. I don’t have any photos of the memorial as its not something you photograph. But the memorial in itself is very beautiful.

The memorial is located on the site of one of the pubs that was bombed (Paddys Pub). Directly across the road where the Sari Club was is now a vacant lot as they believe it would be disrespectful to build something on the site, but I do believe they are looking at turning it into a park.

All in all its been an amazing time here and I’m looking forward for the remaining 10 days.

I haven’t exercised as such but we’ve done so much walking and the waterbom park has signs of how many calories you burn walking up the stairs ( I burnt a fair bit that day) and I’ve been eating mostly healthy with lots of salad and fruit, although I am in love with nasi gorang (minus the egg).

It will be interesting by the end of the trip to see weight wise how I am sitting. I also plan on using the gym at the resort as well before leaving I haven’t as yet as its so hot inside the room even with the AC it would be over 30degrees but give it a few days and I’ll get in there.

I don’t want to come home it’s been such a great trip so far!!


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