My biggest fear in the world 

My biggest fear in the world is easily flying in planes.

I don’t even fully understand what it is about flying that scares me, I guess it’s the loss of control, the height and feeling of being stuck.

As I’m writing this I’m sitting on a plane for a 6 and a half hour flight, I think we are now around over an hour into.

I think I slept for around 2 hours last night, was a shaking mess at the airport (so thankful for the bars in the duty free area!).

Our flight was slightly delayed, we had to catch a bus out to our plane and standing on this bus with so many other people while waiting to board it started to really hit home what I was doing.

Getting on the plane I wasn’t able to speak for fear of throwing up, during takeoff I tried to focus as much as I could on a find a word book I had bought whilst waiting to board to distract me.

I was a crying, shaking mess. My whole body covered in sweat I almost didn’t make it onto the plane. Apparently I’ve never looked so pale in my life.

I know I’ll be fine once we land, it’s just getting to the point of landing that scares me. I’m highly strung, my anxiety is at its highest level and I can’t focus or concentrate on a set thing. I watched 30 minutes of a movie without even knowing what I was watching I was that scared.

At present we have 4 hours to landing and I’ll be counting down the minutes, one bonus the free alcohol is what’s keeping me from going into full meltdown.

Has anyone ever overcome their biggest fear and how do you cope with flying?


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