Why buy cruelty free ?

Although it speaks for itself so many people don’t understand the true meaning of cruelty free or why they should be checking that what they are buying is exactly that. 

It’s something the beauty industry doesn’t speak much about instead you have to go looking for the information and it’s not always easy to find.  

We live in a world where everyone feels they need to buy certain well known brands but unfortunately a lot of those brands come at a price (I don’t just mean the price tag)!!

There are brands that are proud to be cruelty free and display that on the packaging, some are cruelty free but don’t list it either however many of the brands everyone knows wants to hide the true price their products come at and they’ve found some very sneaky ways to do this. 

One thing I have found is every company that still carries out animal testing starts off with the same spiel  we hate that animal testing still occurs, we are leading the way into alternative methods of testing…. But you’ll find hidden in the bottom of their novel length stance on animal testing the same information although we are against animal testing and do not carry this out anywhere, unless required by law 

In other words, they chose to sell in countries where cosmetic testing on animals is compulsory by law or pay a 3rd party company to do the testing for them so they can claim “technically” the brand doesn’t carry out the testing.

Or you can’t find any information on their website which probably means they do carry out animal testing and have chosen not to make any comment on the subject.

For the most part though people don’t understand what animal testing really means. It’s far from those cute photos where someone draws eyebrows or puts lipstick on their dog or cat. 

Animal testing is the forceful pouring/administering of chemicals on an animal without pain relief so the side effects can be documented including but by no means limited to redness, swelling, broken skin, bleeding, blindness, chemical burns, lacerations, extreme pain, seizures and in some cases death. 

If only cosmetic companies had to have photos of their “lab testing” displayed next to their billboards it would be interesting to see how it affected their sales. 

Although it’s been a long time overdue the Australian government have finally decided to ban products tested on animals in Australia which will come into affect in 2017, unfortunately there is a lot of loop holes in this. 

Any products already on the market that were tested on animals will remain for sale. I also can’t find any information to say if the companies that do testing for sales in countries where it is required by law will still be able to release new products from their ranges in Australia. 

It will be interesting to see how this ban transpires in 2017.

But in the mean time people need to stop living by the saying “ignorance is bliss” because it’s definitely not bliss for those animals currently being tested on. 

But the issue comes down to 1 simple question, is that blush, mascara, perfume  or whatever the product is truly worth the price being paid? 


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