03. My journey to becoming vegan

imageSo here I was, trying to become a healthier fitter version of myself. I’d cleaned up my diet but I still constantly felt bloated, tired, sick and just overal unwell.

I felt like my doctor was becoming my best friend because I was there so much, the same as the nurse that had to keep taking my blood to get test results. To summarize, my blood tests showed low in basically everything which confused me even more.

During this time I had also found Youtube videos I watched makeup tutorials, lifestyle bloggers and also fitness bloggers. I had started watching some vegan fitness bloggers and watched videos on how they became Vegan and what foods they ate which interested me but in all honesty I didn’t know where to start or how to become vegan.

For a good few months I would think about it but kept coming back to the same conclusion, it would be hard. I don’t live alone and becoming vegan was certainly not what anyone else in my home encouraged which made me feel even more like I wouldn’t be able to do it.

One night while scrolling through YouTube videos I came across a short documentary/show called “meet your meat”. The video I watched was on the dairy industry. Starting the video I thought  it wouldn’t be bad as everyone is told how good the dairy industry is and they care for the animals…. How I was so wrong.

I watched the whole episode (from memory it went for under 30minutes) but that was enough to determine I couldn’t unsee or forget what I had learnt. I told my partner that night “I’m going vegan” to which he laughed thinking I’d be over it in a weeks time..

Now it’s been over 2 years and I can honestly say it was the best and easiest decision I’ve ever made.

To begin with I used a lot of the “fake meat” options that are available while I became more educated and learnt how to make different meals. My partner still eats meat occasionally but mostly eats vegan as well now.

After making the change I started to notice a lot of things happening to myself as well. I was no longer bloated, my blood tests were coming back showing I no longer had any deficiencies and the weight I was struggling with started to come off.

Turns out I am lactose intolerant and my body couldn’t digest meat properly the whole time the solution to my health issues were so simple.

I now have energy and a great immune system! I’m so much healthier and happier in myself. I had thought about this for so long for the health benefits but it took seeing the cruelty within the process of how meat/dairy comes to be on our plate that gave me the nudge I needed.

Once I actually decided I was doing this and started I realized being vegan was actually easier then not. Soy milk tastes amazing and you can’t go wrong with eating fruit, salad and vegetables (there’s also some pretty amazing junk food available too).

Google became my friend, with Google you can veganise any recipe and it’s often so simple to do.

To sum up my journey to becoming vegan, I’m so glad I did it, I could never go back. I literally went vegan overnight and haven’t looked back my only regret is I didn’t make the change sooner.


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